The Globalizer on Youth Employment in Africa

A group of selected Ashoka Fellows who look to scale the impact of their innovations in Africa will convene in South Africa in February 2015.

The Globalizer on Economic Inclusion in Latin America

A group of selected Ashoka Fellows who look to scale the impact of their innovations in Latin America convened in Bogotá in early November.

Framework on Scaling Social Impact

A step by step guide leading Social Entrepreneurs and their consultants through the journey of scaling. From making the initial decision through to implementation.

Key Lessons on Scaling from Ashoka Globalizers

As perfectionists, social entrepreneurs often never feel completely ready to scale. The important thing is to stop thinking, “Why scale?” and shift to a mindset of, “Why not scale?” The Ashoka Globalizers in these videos discuss important questions to keep in mind when preparing to scale.

Introducing the Ashoka Globalizer

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This Globalizer Summit will convene in Capetown/South Africa on February 12-14 2015.

Ashoka has partnered with the Mastercard Foundation to support social entrepreneurs in African working on innovations for youth employment. The Globalizer Summit in South Africa will bring together Ashoka Fellows with scalable innovations for youth employment on February 12-14 in Capetown.

These social influencers are now ready to expand their innovations’ impact beyond localized organizations. They have varied strategies for increasing youth employment, such as:

  • Paige Elenson, who uses the transformational power of yoga to empower, educate and employ youth in Kenya.
  • Marlon Parker, who is providing the environment for community driven innovation and reconstruction through information technology hubs.
  • Esther Eshiet, who is positioning young Nigerians to improve their employability through career guidance and volunteer experiences while still in school.
  • Dorien Beurskens, who has developed an affordable way to provide vocational education and training to young people in Southern Africa.

The Globalizer Summit on Youth Employment will match these "ready to globalize” youth employment models with the strategic resources they need to rapidly and effectively scale their impact beyond their current reach.

In the months leading up to the Summit, Fellows will build their scaling strategies with an advisory team of senior business executives and strategy consultants.

The Summit itself will last 3 days and will include:

  1. A Peer-To-Peer Problem-Solving Day to facilitate collaboration on Fellows’ shared work towards youth employment solutions,
  2. An Accelerator Day consisting of a series of one-on-one conversations with leading global entrepreneurs and movers and shakers from the field,
  3. And a Changemaker Day to work collaboratively, along with Mastercard Foundation, and other partners, to explore ways to strengthen the ecosystem needed to allow youth employment opportunities to flourish where they are needed most. 

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